Shopping in the Savusavu Market

One of the best things about Savusavu is the open air market in town. It attracts people from all over the area buying and selling their fresh fruit and vegetables.  It is multi lingual, cross cultural and vibrant.   The mostly female sellers are friendly and helpful. Most items are sold by the pile – usually 1 dollar per pile.

Very fresh spices and dry goods occupy the front of the market with the fresh produce in the middle and back.

The fishermen have freezers in one corner and sell their fish, lobsters, prawns and crabs by the kilo at very reasonable rates.  The fresh fish comes into the freezers and is usually chilled but not frozen if you buy it on the day brought in. Saturday is the busiest day of the market and you need to get there early to get the best fish.

If kava tickles your fancy there are many kava sellers in the market and a wide range available. Often it is purchased as a sevusevu or gift to the chief of a village you may be visiting.  The market is a great place to buy it for this purpose and you can get powdered and whole kava in a variety of different sizes and qualities.

To the right of the market is a handicraft stall where the women sell their wares. They can make special items for you as well if you have a week or so to wait for an order.  Tapa or masi cloth, baskets, and jewelry as well as carvings are on display.


Thinking of things to do in Savusavu? Flora Tropica Gardens is a must see!

Thinking of things to do in Savusavu? Flora Tropica Gardens is a must see!

269102_232611990094412_819179_nWith over 300 specials of rare and endangered palms set in a stunning 5 acre garden with lush variety of tropical plants, fruit trees and local bird life attracted by the special environment created, don’t miss one of Savusavu’s highlights! Inspired by the collections at Kew Gardens, this pearl of a garden is worth seeking out. Only 5 kilometres from Savusavu town, and featuring a wooden walkway offering unique perpectives on  the many rare and beautiful specimens, Flora Tropica Gardens is a must see part of Savusavu. Check out their site below!

Chululu Cruises start in Savusavu Harbour on April 9th – what a great way to explore the Bay!

548999_590384084306510_1306149905_nTake a tour of Savusavu harbour!
Next Tuesday, 9th April, we have the inaugural departure of Chululu Cruises in Savusavu Bay. Experience Savusavu Bay from the water and spend the day swimming, snorkelling, fishing (need to bring your own gear) and enjoy a picnic at a remote beach.When: 10 am – 3pm Tuesday (again on Thursday) from Copra Shed $30.00/person or $50.00 per couple (need a marriage certificate!).Sunset Cruises on Fridays departing at 4.30pm (same price).
BYO Food and beverage – cooler & ice provided. Skippered by the Master of Savusavu Bay – Captain Abraham (Abbey) Whippy. Pay and be onboard 15 mins prior to departure. 5 fun filled hours of exploring magnificent Savusavu Bay!

Check out what our latest Swiss guest had to say about Bula Vista!

“We enjoyed our stay in the unique container-room overlooking Savusavu. The room is simple and yet very comfortable and conveniently furnished with a lot of extras. The DVD player and the large movie selection were a nice touch, and we also appreciated that there was a phone we could use to call a cab and communicate with the host about a checkout question we had. The shower/bathroom and outdoor kitchen on the porch are nice and clean and stacked with everything you need. We spent many hours just sitting on the porch reading or talking to Penny, their 77 year old housekeeper who does a great job taking care of the garden, everything is kept immaculate and tidy. Savusavu is a nice little town, people were very friendly and we often got offered rides without even asking. Which was convenient because going back up to Bula Vista from town is quite a bit of a walk. If you want to hang out at the beach or swim, you have to go a bit further, by taxi. We had some difficulties getting to the island at the intended time because the ferries didn’t run like we thought, and Liz was very helpful giving us information and options, called us from New Zealand and arranged easy key collection and pick up so it all worked out fine”. – Franziska – Switzerland

Another great review for Bula Vista – container living is making an impact!

“We are in our 60’s and this was our second trip to Vanua Leu. We chose this property because we wanted to be close in to Savusavu (and to tell our friends we stayed in a shipping container 🙂 Liz was very easy to contact and to deal with. We appreciated her flexibility in letting us come back for a few extra nights without much notice. We were pleased with our whole stay, from getting picked up at the airport to the layout of the place. Even in rainy weather we were very comfortable. Except that the driveway to the house can become muddy but it didn’t pose a big problem, unless it’s at night and you aren’t aware of the concrete stairs to the main road. We enjoyed the view of town and the ferry dock and the landscaping. It was great to pep up our drinks with fresh picked limes and lemons. We would definitely recommend it!” Chris and Cindy – Oregon, USA February 2013

Bula Vista Inspiring!

“Bula Vista was amazing and was the perfect place to relax for a few days. Savusavu is a cool town and has everything you need for a holiday. This place is really convenient to town and super comfortable. Liz was very easy to deal with and places/hosts like these are what make Airbnb such a great alternative to traditional accomodation. If your spending a few days on the island, look no further, you will love this place!

Liz, Typing on my phone so am not typing as much as I would like, but the experience at your place was tops. No complaints at all and wish you the best with everything. I think your place has inspired me to look into setting up my own shipping container house somewhere. Shirah was awesome as well. Thanks!”

Devon, North Carolina, USA March 2013

What are the Ferries to Savusavu from Nadi, Suva and Lautoka?

We get a lot of enquiries into Ferry transport to Savusavu and currently Bligh Water Shipping who used to be out of Lautoka have closed for business, so there are a few options listed below!

There are several companies who offer ferry services to Savusavu but communication in advance can be tricky!  Consort Shipping and Gounder both do overnight services from Suva to Savusavu – about 12 hours and there are cabins.  Boats arrive generally in the morning in Savusavu.

The other option is Pattersons Brothers Shipping who do a bus (3 hours from Suva – ferry 4 hours from Natovi to Nabuwalu on Vanua Levu and then you take a bus 3.5 hours to Savusavu. We had guests with a 4 year old who did this and it was ok – maybe cos there was a certain amount of change occurring! They arrived at about 3:30pm in the afternoon in Savusavu.

Either way you will need to travel from Nadi to Suva – about 3 hours by mini bus.

Here are the links/info –

Taveuni to Vanua Levu only – The small ferry Amazing Grace (tel. +679 927 1372 in Savusavu, + 679 888 0320 on Taveuni) crosses the Somosomo Strait between Buca (Boo-tha) Bay and Taveuni 4 days a week. The one-way fare used to be F$25 (US$16/£8.30), including the bus ride between Savusavu and Buca Bay. Call for schedules and reservations.

Patterson Bros. Shipping –  – Tel: +679 331 5644

Goundar Shipping – Tofua St Suva – Lomaviti Princess – +679 330 1035 or 777 5460

This map is from Consort’s website and shows their route to Savusavu and Taveuni. routemap


October is a great month in Savusavu

Not too hot at the moment and we are getting early spring rains which are making the garden grow and grow! Pineapples are coming on and the papayas and bananas are looking terrific! Our new caretaker and manager Mohini is doing well and looking after Bula Vista and our guests in our absence.   We flew back to Nadi from Savusavu in the new Island Hoppers plane – state of the art and only 6 months old. What a great flight!

Taken after landing in Nadi, this Island Hopper flight was great!

Life at Bula Vista

It has been a great season at Bula Vista in Savusavu – lots of new planting and moving of existing palm trees and shrubs that somehow ended up in the wrong place! We have had some great guests and learned lots about running our new business in the process. Bula venaka to all of you!  One of the things we really wanted to test out however this season was the pool! Is it in the right place, whats the best way to manage it etc., and so we put this 8′ x 30″ puppy in place and had a ball! Every day – it was a highlight as we took a break from planting and gardening! Not your average tropical pool, but hey – it worked great and now we can think about the real thing! 

August 2012 Bula Vista News

August has had a range of weather, some rain, in the early part of the month, which was wonderful for the garden and filling the water tanks.   The rest of the time has been glorious  and warm, with the pineapples coming on very well.  We have over 70 pineapple plants and they are at various stages so it’s great to see so many producing fruit this year!  We plant each pineapple we eat, perpetuating our on going pineapple crop!  They seem to love it here with out too much attention and are simply delicious!

We had some lovely guests in August from NZ and Hong Kong and enjoyed both experiences very much.   September is already booked, which is great.


Wonder what out guest responsibility policy is?

Bula Vista will not accept any responsibility for any persons loss or damage to personal equipment or property while staying at Bula Vista or during participation in any activity. Bula Vista will not accept responsibility for any injuries which occur while staying on the island or during participation in any activities. Bula Vista will not accept any responsibility for additional expense or inconvenience due to delays which maybe caused directly or indirectly by events within or outside their control. Bula Vista will not be held liable for any failure to carry out arrangements agreed to for clients, if such failure is due to fire or other casualties, acts of God, National Emergencies, strikes or shortage of labour or materials or any other causes beyond it’s control. We strongly advise that all persons purchase travel insurance prior to traveling.

The New Pump!

It’s been grand up here for the last few days – getting ready for the season, working on the gardens and enjoying the local hospitality. Yesterday we went to the annual Savusavu fair and had a great time watching the lovely Rotuma dancers and the old school crazy rides that had all the fair goers screaming with delight! Lots of folk in town and a great time!

Water is pretty critical, and this morning our old Onga Pump went on the blink necessitating a quick trip to the local Savusavu pump store, and we found and NZ made Wallace Pump which hopefully will do the trick! Fingers crossed!