Guest Book

We have a dream of land in a tropical island – warm, with wonderful gardens…great people who visit us and enjoy it as well! We are working on our gardens and love our guests! It’s a pleasure to be able to share our paradise! Come visit us soon!

Lovely low tech living, great views and garden, only a short walk to the delights of Savusavu. Definately Fiji ! Max (NZ)
As honoured…guests, we are pleased to have been part of the break it in squad. We would love to meet again in any of the below locations: 1. Hong Kong, 2. NYC, 3. Lucca Italy, 4. NZ, 5. Savusavu. The pleasure of meeting a Midwood girl deep in Fiji, especially as I have always been jealous of Midwoodonians!

George, Valeria, Emilio (Hong Kong)

Bula Vista has it all: view, beauty, comfort, the “Fiji” vibe, and most of al welcoming hosts. Your garden, your smiles, your laughter enhance it all, plus juicing together was so much fun! Who would have known!? Lets stay in touch and meet again, perhaps in San Fransisco. With gratitude & love,

Gabrielle (USA)