Savusavu Infrastructure

Banks – ANZ, BSP and Westpac with ATM – All foreign currencey exchange etc.

Savusavu Post Office – has a Post Restante option and is available for international mailing – open 8am to 5pm M-F

Savusavu Medical Centre for 24 Hour service, medicals and some pharmaceuticals off the counter.  An experienced doctor on hand in this newly build dispensary with consultation rooms. There is also a local hospital very close by and a private hospital in Suva which is very good.  There is a hot pool there you can rent by the hour and they fill it fomr the nearby hotsprings on demand. $15FJD per hour.

Supermarkets – MH Premium, MH Paradise – sell items like olive oil, wasabi, soy sauce, cheese, yogurt, meat, beer, wine, spirits, mixers, and all the basics you would need.

Liquor stores and specialty food shops – Savusavu Wines and Spirits next to MH Premium has the best selection

Police Station, Fire Stations, Town Council, Customs Clearance for yachts, Immigration Office, Customs & Revenue office, several real estate agents, petrol stations for petrol, diesel, lpg and tank gas fills.

Open air market for fruits, vegetables, spices, kava, fish next to the bus station and taxi ranks, craft market next door

Rental cars, scooters, bikes and many taxis with fixed meters.

Dive air fills & trips, sailing charters, and deep sea fishing charters, and bike tours. Savusavu Tourism Committee initiatives with a strong community focus for the area.  There are many tours available for different skill levels, or you can laze on the beach and relax with a book.

Maravu meats in the bookshop (which also does printing & photocopying!) is very good! Als try Fiji Meats in the Wai Tui Marina.

Copra Shed for restaurants, handicrafts, the Savusavu Yacht Club Bar, ships chandlers, real estate, short and long term moorings as well as a ships chandlery.

Wai Tui Marina for moorings and a cute bar with regular local meals and get togethers, plus laundry service.

Numerous bars and restaurants (Surf & Turf stands out)

Two hair salons, appliance and electronics shops, tailors, internet & cell phone pre pay top up, several internet cafes at very reasonable rates, clothing and fabric shops, diving and fishing gear, souvenirs & post cards –

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